Himsenkangin: We Masi, Kang-king, Fishy, Anchovy are back
donghae861015: SJ Coming !! SW , K , DH , EH
siwon407: BOYS


Mamacita teasers for 7jib

DH: My baobeis, you can call me now!

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Aww~ My bias Kyuhyun’s cheating on Donghae for Ryeowook… Sungmin, Eunhyuk, and Yesung are going to be mad!

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loki and goku, too weak for thor’s weapon

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So… thank you Super Junior for the Super Show, and thank you, too, for thinking that we fans are perverts.

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Super Junior Corso Como Seoul Melody

Sukira- Ryeowook: Because we have many members and birthdays, we have decided not to take care of gifting each other on birthdays… But one time, I saw Donghae-ssi giving Eunhyuk-ssi an expensive watch for his birthday and I felt really betrayedSungmin: Lee Donghae, you can’t do this!Ryeowook: I knew they were close friends but .. I thought ‘what about me?’Sungmin: Right! … but I did this tooRyeowook: To Eunhyuk-ssi?Sungmin : Yes on his birthday..Ryeowook: Does he look poor? like his face makes you want to take care of him? I also took care of him often..Sungmin: me too .. ㅋㅋ

dorks XD

things to why i love donghae - his english

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